What others say about My Own Story: The Autobiography of Billy the Kid

John Nichols, author of The Milagro Beanfield War and many other books

Great! As authentic as Hatch green chile, as much fun as the State Fair rodeo, and crackling all the way. You put all 6 shots in the bullseye!

Paul Hutton, Distinguished Professor of History, Univ. of New Mexico, past president and executive director, Western Writers of America

Authentic in detail and true to history, Estes delivers a fast-paced, engaging and enchanting account of the life of America's favorite outlaw. A must read.

Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico who considered granting Billy the Kid a pardon

Billy the Kid rides and writes again! A convincing and fun read – this book will appeal to history and mystery buffs alike. So when does the movie come out?

Andrew J. Fenady, writer-producer of John Wayne's "Chisum"; producer of TV series "Hondo," "Branded," "The Rebel" (Johnny Yuma); winner of Western Writers of America Owen Wister Award

A slam-bang story by a brilliant writer.

Marshall Trimble, Official Arizona State Historian

As Mark Twain quipped, "If it didn't happen this way, it coulda happened this way" and John Ford added, "If it didn't happen this way, it shoulda happened this way."

Jim Jones, award-winning Western singer & songwriter, Western fiction writer

This is the way history should be taught.

Dave Stamey, multiple award-winning Western singer & songwriter – and a packer and a wrangler

Ralph Estes has mixed historical accuracy, primary sources, thoughtful conjecture and good writing to bring a new twist to one of our major – and most popular – Western icons. He has also done something that most historians are never able to do – turn a legend back into a human being.

R.W. Hampton, multiple award-winning Western singer & songwriter, as well as owner, wrangler, breaker, lead stall mucker of New Mexico’s Clearview Ranch

Could it be that up till now we’ve all been wrong? Well, it could be, sure could be!

Johnny Boggs, Western Writers of America past president, Spur and Wrangler-winning author of South by Southwest and Law of the Land The Trial of Billy the Kid

Ralph Estes's My Own Story: The Autobiography of Billy the Kid is an imaginative novel full of wit, charm, humor and history. Somewhere in New Mexico, Billy is undoubtedly wishing he had told this story himself.

Clara Apodaca, former First Lady of New Mexico and President/CEO of National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation

A great read – Ralph Estes has produced an extraordinary book filled with tales, humor and insights about one of the great folk legends of our times. This is destined to be one of the most enjoyable and enlightening books about Billy the Kid.

Ollie Reed, former books editor and Trail Tales columnist for The Albuquerque (N.M.) Tribune

Ralph Estes' fine, fact-laced novel about Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War is as entertaining as it is educational, as riveting as it is revealing.

Rick Huff, radio/tv personality, Western music historian and impresario

A remarkable literary achievement . . . highly recommended.

O.J. Sikes, Western music historian and radio host

A fascinating and very believable account of a man whose story, over the years, has become a part of western mythology.

Melody Groves, Southwest Writers past president, Western Writers of America officer, award-winning author, gunfighter, bull rider

Should be required reading for anyone remotely interested in the Old West - well done!

George T. Leverett, on Amazon

This was a great read.

John Ryan, on Amazon

The concept of Billy the Kid telling his own story is an excellent idea! This is a must read.

babsbookbistro.net, on Amazon

A wonderful tale of Billy’s side of the story. We learn how he felt and what really happened from his point of view.